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Alpine doe kid 2020
Ex, Guernsey doe kid 2020

Alpine doe kid 2018

Guernsey Doe Kid 2016

Welcome to our store page.
Current does/bucks for sale can be found on the left in the for sale, under each breed.

We will have lots of kids available come mid February through mid-end of May. You can check out the breeding list, to view dams and sires of coming kids.

All kids are pulled at birth and bottle raised on heat treated colostrum/pasteurized milk. Kids will be available no sooner than two-three days of age, so that they get their colostrum, and to see that they are doing well. Reserved kids must be picked up before one week of age or additional charges will apply. I reserve the right to retain any doe kid. We are working on getting the herd tested for CAE 2020.

(Note, if interested in buck kids please let me know quickly, as they go to my buyer at one week of age)
To reserve a kid, feel free to text, call, or email me, with the name of the dam of the kid and gender, you are interested in. I currently am not charging to reserve kids, and will only do so if there is a high amount of interest is a doe's kids.
Unregistered bucklings, intended to be withers $50.- $75.
Unregistered bucklings, for breeding $100.-$150.
Registered bucklings $250.
Registered Experimental or Grade doelings $250 -$300.,
Registered American doelings $250.-$300.,
Note: Percentage Guernsey/ American Guernsey kid's papers will be pending ADGA's registration of Guernsey.
Note: Bucklings from Experimental or Grade does can not/will not be registered.
Bucklings from American-Purebred first fresheners will only be registered if the dam is quality enough.
Kids will come with a picture pedigree page, except unregistered bucklings, and they can on request.

We will also have does in milk available after they kid. I will update them, for sale, as I decide who will be staying, and who will be going. I will have 4 - 6 does every year that will get listed as we can only handle so many milking.

I am happy to answer any questions, I can send planned pedigree info for kids that will be registered, or more pictures.

Thank you for looking, and God Bless.