Cross2Grace Miss Bethany

Goat, American Alpine, Kid (female) | Broken Chamoisee, black trim

ADGA# AA2088262 | DOB: 3/2/2020 (Under 1 yr)

Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

Nice color, Ready to go

Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

American AlpineBuck (male)Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim
ADGA# AA1836311DOB: 4/24/20164 yrs
Hickory has a very strait top line, and so far seems to be improving top lines in his kids, but does not improve small teats. He is from heavy milking lines. I was told by his breeder that his dam is giving close to two gallons a day. The last picture above lists the amount his paternal Aunt, and great Aunt were giving. He has given us some amazing looking does, and udders, with a decent amount of milk, and good milk flavor. We are keeping quite a few of his daughters. Hickory has some large scur horns that must be cut back once a year, and he can be destructive with them. He behaves for the most part when being handled, but you need to keep an eye on him while he is in rut. We are done using Hickory, and he is available now. Hickory stands 35" at his withers, and weighs 240lbs before rut.
 ADGA# AA1836311 Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim
Goatgoat Beth

Reference, Tall/Big Doe

Goatgoat Beth

American AlpineDoe (female)Two-Tone Chamoisee, Pied Spot
ADGA# AA1728047DOB: 3/19/20155 yrs
Beth is very large/tall at 33", very dairy doe, with a nice udder attachment. I would like to see her produce better this year though, she peeked at 3/4 a gallon a day, as a first freshener. Beth did well as a second freshener giving a gallon and a quart a day at peek. We lost our beautiful girl to a respiratory infection, after a difficult kidding. She is missed terribly.
 ADGA# AA1728047 Two-Tone Chamoisee, Pied Spot

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Beautiful Doe kid.

Updated 10/15/2020