Dream Big Crystal

Goat, American Alpine, First Freshener (female) | Broken Cou Blanc

ADGA# AA1961590 | DOB: 6/29/2018 (1 yr)

The Bilbar's Fearless

Well behaved

The Bilbar's Fearless

American AlpineBuck (male)Dark Cou Clair
ADGA# AA1715059DOB: 2/7/20154 yrs
Nice, well behaved, boy. I am selling for a friend. He is to related for me to use on my does.
 ADGA# AA1715059 Dark Cou Clair
The Bilbar's Honey Lemon

Reference Doe

The Bilbar's Honey Lemon

American AlpineSr. Doe (female)Two-Tone Chamoisee
ADGA# AA1785406DOB: 
Picture of Honey Lemon is for reference. We have never owned this doe. I am told she gave two gallons a day, but had a pocket in the fore udder.
 ADGA# AA1785406 Two-Tone Chamoisee
Service Sire:
Skalkaho MK Elvis

Nice Pedigree

Skalkaho MK Elvis

American AlpineBuck (male)Cou Blanc
ADGA# AA1809927DOB: 4/18/20163 yrs
 ADGA# AA1809927 Cou Blanc

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Other: Crystal will be available after kidding, price will be determined after I asses her udder quality.


Crystal is a beautiful colored doe, with nice conformation too. she came here with her sister and Harp Music, because her family was having human heath issues. She like to jump shorter fences, but is good to stay in our five foot metal panels. She will be a first freshener in 2020. She will be available after kidding, we will be retaining one doe kid.

Updated 11/9/2019