EX.Guernsey62.5% Alpine25% LaMancha13.5%

GoatGoat Luster Dust

Goat, Guernsey/Alpine/LaMancha, Kid (female) | Gold, white patches

GGBoA#  | DOB: 5/15/2019 (Under 1 yr)

Anins Golden Judah

American Guernsey (HB2)

Anins Golden Judah

GuernseyBuck (male)Gold
BGS# HB079271DDOB: 2/9/20172 yrs
Judah is turning out to be a great looking boy, I can't wait to see some kids this spring.
 BGS# HB079271D Gold
Goatgoat Blue's Palomino (L)

Experimental Grade Alp.50%Guer.25%LaM.25

Goatgoat Blue's Palomino (L)

Guernsey/Alpine/LaManchaDoe (female)Gold
GGBoA# EX01164DOB: 4/19/20154 yrs
Palomino is a Beautiful doe altogether, and a heavy producer, giving a gallon and a quarter, a day, at peek, last year, as a first freshener! Her milk is sweet and creamy. Palomino is 50% Alpine, 25% Guernsey, and 25% LaMancha, she meets breed standard for Guernsey, other than she is a bit tall. Her dam was a Guernsey/LaMancha doe that we lost to kidney failure, as a first freshener, she was looking very promising. Her Sire, an American Alpine Buck, because we did not have any way to get a Guernsey buck at that time.
 GGBoA# EX01164 Gold

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Updated 10/25/2019