Cross2Grace Lantern's Light

Goat, American Alpine, Kid (female) | Broken Redish Chamoisee

ADGA# AA2022775 | DOB: 3/27/2019 (Under 1 yr)

Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

Nice color.

Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

American AlpineBuck (male)Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim
ADGA# AA1836311DOB: 4/24/20163 yrs
Hickory has a very strait top line, and so far seems to be improving top lines in his kids. He is from heavy milking lines, and I am excited to see some kids. I was told by his breeder that his dam is giving close to two gallons a day. The last picture above lists the amount his paternal Aunt, and great Aunt were giving. I don't have any daughters in milk yet, but will have three spring of 20.
 ADGA# AA1836311 Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim
Cross2Grace Jet Bell

LineBred Grade Alpine 75%

Cross2Grace Jet Bell

Recorded Grade AlpineFirst Freshener (female)Black, White Pathches/Star
ADGA# GA1876783DOB: 4/11/20172 yrs
Jet is a nice looking little doe, she was a surprise, as her dam, was not supposed to be bred. She is line bred, I would not have done that intentionally. Jet has a nice looking udder so far, but I'm keeping one of her doe kids, that have a better top line.
 ADGA# GA1876783 Black, White Pathches/Star

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Updated 9/26/2019