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pictured at a 8 hour fill

pictured at a 8 hour fill

Grade Ex. 62%Guernsey25%Alpine12%LaManch

Goatgoat Jubilee Ruby (L)

Goat, Guernsey/Alpine/LaMancha, Doe (female) | Gold

GGBoA# EX01448 | DOB: 4/22/2017 (2 yrs)

Mariposa Spotlight

American Guernsey

Mariposa Spotlight

GuernseyBuck (male)PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA# DOB: 3/22/20154 yrs
Spots is a well behaved, gentle boy. He is considered mismarked by the BGS, but meets the breed Standard for ADGA, I will be registering him with them as soon as possible. I will be freshening the two daughters of his, that I had retained, this spring, so far all his daughters have good conformation, I can't wait to see some udders.
 BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA#  PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
Goatgoat Blue's Palomino (L)

Experimental Grade Alp.50%Guer.25%LaM.25

Goatgoat Blue's Palomino (L)

Guernsey/Alpine/LaManchaDoe (female)Gold
GGBoA# EX01164DOB: 4/19/20154 yrs
Palomino is a Beautiful doe altogether, and a heavy producer, giving a gallon and a quarter, a day, at peek, last year, as a first freshener! Her milk is sweet and creamy. Palomino is 50% Alpine, 25% Guernsey, and 25% LaMancha, she meets breed standard for Guernsey, other than she is a bit tall. Her dam was a Guernsey/LaMancha doe that we lost to kidney failure, as a first freshener, she was looking very promising. Her Sire, an American Alpine Buck, because we did not have any way to get a Guernsey buck at that time.
 GGBoA# EX01164 Gold


Ruby is a very gentle and loving doe, She was giving just over 2/3 a gallon a day, and peeked at close to a gallon a day, as a first freshener this year, 2019. She has smaller teats, but can be hand milked, and has wonderful milk flavor. She does prefer to be Machine milked. She is also slightly lope sided. I am keeping her sister who's udder attachment is nicer, even though Ruby did out milk her by just a bit. I just can't keep all of them.

Updated 1/23/2020


EX. Guernsey 81% Alpine 12% LaMancha 7%
Kid (female)Under 1 yrRed-Gold, Cream star
Not for Sale