Beautiful, large doe

The Sandra's Flo

Goat, American Alpine, Doe (female) | Chamoisee, White Splash

ADGA# AA1744410 | DOB: 2/6/2015 (5 yrs)

Soldier-MTN Speed Jr *B


Soldier-MTN Speed Jr *B

American AlpineBuck (male)Chamoise
ADGA# AA1574237DOB: 3/24/20119 yrs
Jr was an amazing boy, I wish we had taken him to some buck shows. He threw his beautiful conformation to his daughters, and sons. His girls are good milking does with nice udders.
 ADGA# AA1574237 Chamoise
Mischievous Yikes A1462145
Service Sire:
Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

Amaizing Buck

Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

American AlpineBuck (male)Two-Tone Chamoise
ADGA# AA1662992DOB: 5/10/20137 yrs
Centurion is a huge boy with a great pedigree ( see pictures above for a picture pedigree), and conformation to match. We have gotten some beautiful daughters from Centurion, and udders are looking nice, too. most of our first fresheners from him peeked over, or close to a gallon a day, with nice to hand milk teats, and good milk flavor. I have noticed that he needs to be paired with does that have strong/strait top lines. He needs someone experienced with bucks, as he is moody, and can NOT be trusted to behave all the time. Also he is NOT safe around young children! We will be using him till the end of November. Centurion stands 36" at his withers, and weighs 255lbs before rut
 ADGA# AA1662992 Two-Tone Chamoise

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Flo is a second freshener and is giving over a gallon a day in 2018. She is a large doe, who loves people especially our youngest daughter. Flo was dry for 2020, as she somehow lost/absorbed her kids, and only passed a placenta. Tested negative for CAE 2020

Updated 10/15/2020


First Freshener (female)1 yrChamoisee
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Doe (female)2 yrsBroken Chamoisee
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