pictured as a First Freshener

pictured as a First Freshener

Goatgoat Happy Sunbeam

Goat, Guernsey/Alpine/Toggenburg, Doe (female) | Gold, white blaze

GGBoA#  | DOB: 3/3/2016 (4 yrs)

Mariposa Spotlight


Mariposa Spotlight

GuernseyBuck (male)PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA# DOB: 3/22/20155 yrs
Spots is a well behaved, gentle boy. He is considered mismarked by the BGS. So far all his daughters have good conformation, and good udder atachments. Spots sold With OUT his papers, he has given us good udders, and heavy milkers, but he has a lot of white, most of his daughters are correct color for Guernsey, but he has given us a few kids with a lot of white; we have never had any black marked kids from him.
 BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA#  PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
Goatgoat Cotton Peaches


Goatgoat Cotton Peaches

Guernsey/Alpine/ToggenburgDoe (female)Pale gold
GGBoA# DOB: 5/13/20146 yrs
Cotton was a beautiful doe, not my heaviest milker, good to give a gallon a day though, but nice udder, she had great milk flavor, and personality. We sold her because we kept two of her girls.
 GGBoA#  Pale gold
Service Sire:
Snowbird Sunglow

British Guernsey / American Guernsey

Snowbird Sunglow

GuernseyBuck (male)Mid Gold
BGS# BG000413DDOB: 8/5/20128 yrs
Very wide boy, we are hoping to get some nice daughters from this guy.
 BGS# BG000413D Mid Gold

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Happy has come back to us due to my friend, with Bilbar's dairy goats getting older, and needing to cut back. She has been with them since she was a weaned kid. Happy is a gentle doe, and like her sister GoatGoat Hope 4 Gold, she is a heavy milker, with good flavored milk. I will be getting measurements on her exact production next year, as she has already started to dry from weaning her kid. Tested negative for CAE 2019.

Updated 10/15/2020