Reference 75% Alpine Grade

Cross2Grace Gift Keeper

Goat, Recorded Grade Alpine, Doe (female) | Chamoisee, white blaze and splash

ADGA# GA1950120 | DOB: 4/12/2018 (3 yrs)

Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

Reference, Amazing Buck

Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

American AlpineBuck (male)Two-Tone Chamoise
ADGA# AA1662992DOB: 5/10/20138 yrs
Centurion is a huge boy with a great pedigree ( see pictures above for a picture pedigree), and conformation to match. We have gotten some beautiful daughters from Centurion, and udders are looking nice, too. most of our first fresheners from him peeked over, or close to a gallon a day, with easy to hand milk teats, large orifices, and good milk flavor. I have noticed that he needs to be paired with does that have strong/strait top lines. He needs someone experienced with bucks, as he is moody, and can NOT be trusted to behave all the time. Also he is NOT safe around young children! His daughters have had good temperaments, and are well behaved (all were bottle raised). DNA on file with ADGA. Centurion stands 36" at his withers, and weighs 255lbs before rut
 ADGA# AA1662992 Two-Tone Chamoise
Goatgoat G Ruby Ring

Reference, Grade Alpine 50%

Goatgoat G Ruby Ring

Recorded Grade AlpineDoe (female)Pied Broken Two-Tone Chamoisee
ADGA# GA1728029DOB: 4/14/20156 yrs
Ring is a beautiful conformation doe, She peeked at a gallon a day, as a first freshener. I am expecting her to do even better this year. She has creamy milk with great flavor. Ring gives just under a gallon a day steadily, she is a very well behaved doe, and easy to hand milk. We are keeping her daughters and need to make room for them.
 ADGA# GA1728029 Pied Broken Two-Tone Chamoisee
Service Sire:
Skalkaho MK Elvis

Tall boy with a nice pedigree.

Skalkaho MK Elvis

American AlpineBuck (male)Cou Blanc
ADGA# AA1809927DOB: 4/18/20165 yrs
Elvis is a good looking, very down hill buck, with great genetics behind him. He is fairly tall as well standing 36" at his withers, I wouldn't mind him to be a bit wider though. I'm very excited to see what he brings to our herd in 2020. He weighed 230lbs before rut 2020.
 ADGA# AA1809927 Cou Blanc


Keeper is a gentle, well behaved doe, She is a large doe that is long, with a level top line.
Keeper freshened beautifully, with a well attached udder, she peeked at a gallon a day her first freshening 2020. She hand, or machine milks easily, with good flavored milk. I am only letting her go because she is a grade, and I need a few less to milk.
She freshened easily with out any help, again this year.

Tested Negative for CAE 2020

Updated 5/11/2021


Kid (female)1 yrTwo-Tone Chamoisee
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Nice and Long
Kid (female)Under 1 yrTwo-Tone Chamoisee
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nice looking kid
Kid (female)Under 1 yrTwo-Tone Chamoisee
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