Cross2Grace Kyanite Bluebell

Goat, American Alpine, First Freshener (female) | Cou Blanc, black face w/ star

ADGA# AA1931572 | DOB: 3/22/2018 (1 yr)

Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

Amaizing Buck

Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

American AlpineBuck (male)Two-Tone Chamoise
ADGA# AA1662992DOB: 5/10/20136 yrs
Centurion is a huge boy with a great pedigree and conformation to match. I can't wait to get some daughters from him.
 ADGA# AA1662992 Two-Tone Chamoise
Goatgoat Hope 4 Grace

Goatgoat Hope 4 Grace

American AlpineFirst Freshener (female)Dark Chamoisee
ADGA# AA1775560DOB: 3/27/20163 yrs
Hope has beautiful conformation, and should have an udder to match. She also has a great personality, and is very active, and playful. Her dam was not my heaviest milk doe, but she still gave a gallon a day at peek. I am really looking forward to seeing Hope freshen.
 ADGA# AA1775560 Dark Chamoisee
Service Sire:
Anins Golden Judah

American Guernsey (HB2)

Anins Golden Judah

GuernseyBuck (male)Gold
BGS# HB079271DDOB: 2/9/20172 yrs
Judah is turning out to be a great looking boy, I can't wait to see some kids this spring.
 BGS# HB079271D Gold

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Nice looking girl, dams udder seems to be turning out nicely.

Breeding Note: She was exposed to Elvis for a week, but after he jumped the fence; we put her back in the main pen, where Judah is on clean up duty. She did come into heat during that time (that I noticed), and did not show any sign of being bred by Elvis. Kids to Judah will be 1/2 Guernsey, she will be due in May ( due to how busy this holiday season is, I will probably not catch an exact due date), we will be retaining one doe kid.

Updated 12/12/2019