2nd Freshening

2nd Freshening

first freshener, two year old one year old Three Weeks old


Goatgoat Jem

Goat, Guernsey/Alpine/Toggenburg, Doe (female) | Gold White Star

GGBoA#  | DOB: 4/19/2017 (3 yrs)

Mariposa Spotlight

HB2 Missmarked

Mariposa Spotlight

GuernseyBuck (male)PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA# DOB: 3/22/20155 yrs
Spots is a well behaved, gentle boy. He is considered mismarked by the BGS. So far all his daughters have good conformation, and good udder atachments.
 BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA#  PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
Goatgoat Blue's Curly Girl


Goatgoat Blue's Curly Girl

Guernsey/AlpineDoe (female)Pale Gold
GGBoA# DOB: 6/28/20155 yrs
 GGBoA#  Pale Gold
Service Sire:
Anins Golden Judah

American Guernsey (HB2)

Anins Golden Judah

GuernseyBuck (male)Gold
BGS# HB079271DDOB: 2/9/20173 yrs
I have some beautiful doe kids from Judah, but used him heavily, the year before last, and won't have much use for him this year. He is gentle, and easy to handle, he can be stand offish with strangers. My only complaint is we have gotten a few kids with black markings from him, mostly on initial out crosses with our Alpine does. He has also had some kids with white patches. I will try for a current picture of him, hopefully soon.
 BGS# HB079271D Gold

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Jem is a beautiful looking little doe, she is Daffodil's granddaughter. Jem's dam had an improved udder over Daffodil's, but we can only keep so many. Jem has a nice udder attachment, but smaller teats. I didn't get time to measure her milk, but one milking, she gave 1/3 a gallon, evening milking. The milk was good ( as good as my Alpines), but not as sweet as my other Guernsey crosses. She is friendly, and well behaved, she stood well for her one hand milking ( she was also hand milked while in colostrum), and very well behaved for the machine milker. Note, her sire does have white patches on him. Jem is in milk and doing very well; she gave a little over a half gallon a day while in colostrum. I haven't had time to measure since, but will get a measurement for a serious inquiry.

Experimental Guernsey 72% Alpine 25%

Updated 6/15/2020


Experimental 86% Guernsey, 6.25% Alpine
Jr. Doe (female)1 yrMid Red-Gold, Wattles
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