First Freshener

First Freshener

one year old

Grade Alpine 75%

Cross2Grace Joyfull Gift

Goat, Recorded Grade Alpine, Doe (female) | Brown Chamoisee, Black Trim

ADGA# GA1857092 | DOB: 4/20/2017 (2 yrs)

Soldier-MTN Speed Jr *B

Soldier-MTN Speed Jr *B

American AlpineBuck (male)Chamoise
ADGA# AA1574237DOB: 3/24/20118 yrs
Jr was an amazing boy, I wish we had taken him to some buck shows. He threw his beautiful conformation to his daughters, and sons. His girls are good milking does with nice udders.
 ADGA# AA1574237 Chamoise
Goatgoat G Ruby Ring

Grade Alpine 50%

Goatgoat G Ruby Ring

Recorded Grade AlpineDoe (female)Pied Broken Two-Tone Chamoisee
ADGA# GA1728029DOB: 4/14/20154 yrs
Ring is a beautiful conformation doe, She peeked at a gallon a day, as a first freshener. I am expecting her to do even better this year. She has creamy milk with great flavor. Ring gives just under a gallon a day steadily, she is a very well behaved doe, and easy to hand milk. We are keeping her daughters and need to make room for them.
 ADGA# GA1728029 Pied Broken Two-Tone Chamoisee
Service Sire:
Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

Amaizing Buck

Olentangy Soul Centurion *B

American AlpineBuck (male)Two-Tone Chamoise
ADGA# AA1662992DOB: 5/10/20136 yrs
Centurion is a huge boy with a great pedigree and conformation to match. I can't wait to get some daughters from him.
 ADGA# AA1662992 Two-Tone Chamoise

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Gift has very nice conformation, as does her dam, who is also a decent milk doe. Dam peeked at a gallon a day, as a first freshener. Gift has done very well as a first freshener, giving just under a gallon a day at peek, only complaint is she has smaller teats, and could have bigger orifices. hoping her second freshening will bring her teats down some more.

Updated 11/9/2019