Scientific Data

6/9/2017DNA Recorded with ADGA, Sire, and Dam Confirmed

LineBred Grade Alpine 75%

Cross2Grace Jet Bell

Goat, Recorded Grade Alpine, First Freshener (female) | Black, White Pathches/Star

ADGA# GA1876783 | DOB: 4/11/2017 (2 yrs)

Mischievous Adam

Nice Boy

Mischievous Adam

French AlpineBuck (male)Crisp Cou Blanc
ADGA# A1537136DOB: 5/16/20109 yrs
Adam is a well behaved boy, he leads easily, and likes attention. He has beautiful daughters and granddaughter. His daughters are good milkers, giving a gallon+ a day, to some giving a gallon and a half, a day. All his daughters have good milk flavor, and nice udder attachments.
 ADGA# A1537136 Crisp Cou Blanc
Goatgoat Heaven's Seven Bells

Grade Alpine 50%

Goatgoat Heaven's Seven Bells

Recorded Grade AlpineDoe (female)Broken Chamoisee
ADGA# GA1775563DOB: 3/3/20163 yrs
Seven is a gentle, personable doe, a two year old, second freshener. She is giving 2/3 a gallon a day. She hand milks easily, with nice teat length and good size orifices, and she also has great milk flavor. She is good at testing fencing skills, but only when she is in heat, to get to the buck.
 ADGA# GA1775563 Broken Chamoisee


Jet is a nice looking little doe, she was a surprise, as her dam, was not supposed to be bred. She is line bred, I would not have done that intentionally. Jet has a nice looking udder so far, but I'm keeping one of her doe kids, that have a better top line.

Updated 10/7/2019


Kid (female)Under 1 yrBroken Redish Chamoisee
Not for Sale