Grade Alpine 50%

Goatgoat Jasmin Bell

Goat, Recorded Grade Alpine, First Freshener (female) | Fancy Broken Pied Cou Blanc

ADGA# GA1876784 | DOB: 3/24/2017 (2 yrs)

Mischievous Adam

Nice Boy

Mischievous Adam

French AlpineBuck (male)Crisp Cou Blanc
ADGA# A1537136DOB: 5/16/20109 yrs
Adam is a well behaved boy, he leads easily, and likes attention. He has beautiful daughters and granddaughter. His daughters are good milkers, giving a gallon+ a day, to some giving a gallon and a half, a day. All his daughters have good milk flavor, and nice udder attachments.
 ADGA# A1537136 Crisp Cou Blanc
Unregistered Alpine Doe "Lilly Bell"


Jasmine is already starting to be a pretty as her dam Lilly, who was pure alpine, sadly we were not able to get her papers when we purchased her. Lilly was giving well over a gallon a day as a second freshener. Jasmine freshened nicely, and is giving about a third of a gallon a day, measured at sixteen days. We are keeping her doe kid, and letting her go, even though I love her coloring.

Updated 10/5/2019


75% Alpine Grade
Kid (female)Under 1 yrChamoisee, black trim
Not for Sale