Hours old

Experimaental 75% Guernsey 25% LaMancha

GoatGoat J Cinnamin Stick (L)Bred

Goat, Guernsey/LaMancha, First Freshener (female) | Dark Red Gold, White Patches/Blaze

GGBoA#  | DOB: 3/22/2017 (2 yrs) (Due Date: 3/12/2019)

Mariposa Spotlight

American Guernsey

Mariposa Spotlight

GuernseyBuck (male)PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA# DOB: 3/22/20154 yrs
Spots is a well behaved, gentle boy. He is considered mismarked by the BGS, but meets the breed Standard for ADGA, I will be registering him with them as soon as possible. I will be freshening the two daughters of his, that I had retained, this spring, so far all his daughters have good conformation, I can't wait to see some udders.
 BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA#  PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
Treasured Sunrise Apple (L)

Experimental Guernsey 50% LaMancha50%

Treasured Sunrise Apple (L)

Guernsey/LaManchaDoe (female)Pale gold- pale red gold shading
GGBoA# DOB: 9/30/20136 yrs
Apple is small doe with heart to milk, giving up to a gallon and a half + a day at peek. Pound to milk, she is our best producer, so far. She freshened as a one year old, and has been an easy keeping doe. She has amazing conformation all around.
 GGBoA#  Pale gold- pale red gold shading


Cinnamin and Applesauce are littermates, Cinnamin is not as wide as Applesauce, but she is a very nice looking little doe. Very pleased with the udder that Cinnamon freshened with! Haven't had time to measure her milk yet. Hard to part with such a good looking doe, but we are keeping her sister and can't keep them all.

Updated 10/5/2019


Ex. 87.5% Guernsey 12.5% LaMancha
Kid (female)Under 1 yrGold, White patches
Not for Sale