3rd freshening

3rd freshening

First freshening

Goatgoat Hazel Nut

Goat, American Alpine, Doe (female) | Redish Chamoisee

ADGA# AA1775564 | DOB: 4/7/2016 (4 yrs)

Mischievous Adam

Nice Boy

Mischievous Adam

French AlpineBuck (male)Crisp Cou Blanc
ADGA# A1537136DOB: 5/16/201010 yrs
Adam is a well behaved boy, he leads easily, and likes attention. He has beautiful daughters and granddaughter. His daughters are good milkers, giving a gallon+ a day, to some giving a gallon and a half, a day. All his daughters have good milk flavor, and nice udder attachments.
 ADGA# A1537136 Crisp Cou Blanc
Goatgoat Marshmallow Star

Goatgoat Marshmallow Star

American AlpineDoe (female)Chamoisee, White Star, Trim
ADGA# AA1679423DOB: 3/30/20146 yrs
Marshmallow is a stunning doe, all around, and has shown very well at our small county fair. My pictures don't do her justice. She gave a gallon+ a day last year as a second freshener, very good flavored milk.
 ADGA# AA1679423 Chamoisee, White Star, Trim
Service Sire:
Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

Nice color.

Garden-Dairy Daisy's Hickory

American AlpineBuck (male)Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim
ADGA# AA1836311DOB: 4/24/20164 yrs
Hickory has a very strait top line, and so far seems to be improving top lines in his kids. He is from heavy milking lines. I was told by his breeder that his dam is giving close to two gallons a day. The last picture above lists the amount his paternal Aunt, and great Aunt were giving. I don't have any daughters in milk yet, but will have several spring of 20. Hickory stands 34" at his withers
 ADGA# AA1836311 Red Chamoise, Chocolate trim


Hazel Nut is a lovely doe, with nice conformation. She has a very well attached udder, but could have bigger teats. Her milk is very good flavored, and she gave around a gallon a day as a second freshener. Machine or hand milks. I didn't get a chance to measure her milk this year, but expect that she continued to give around a gallon a day, maybe a little over.


Senior Doe Kid(open class) Jefferson County Fair 2017

Updated 5/7/2020