Goatgoat Marshmallow Star

Goat, American Alpine, Doe (female) | Chamoisee, White Star, Trim

ADGA# AA1679423 | DOB: 3/30/2014 (5 yrs)

Soldier-MTN Speed Jr *B

Soldier-MTN Speed Jr *B

American AlpineBuck (male)Chamoise
ADGA# AA1574237DOB: 3/24/20118 yrs
Jr was an amazing boy, I wish we had taken him to some buck shows. He threw his beautiful conformation to his daughters, and sons. His girls are good milking does with nice udders.
 ADGA# AA1574237 Chamoise
The Bilbar's Abby

Very Dairy Doe

The Bilbar's Abby

American AlpineSr. Doe (female)Two-Tone Chamoisee
ADGA# AA1547697DOB: 3/8/20118 yrs
Abby is a very dairy doe, that really puts it in the bucket, she has peeked at a gallon and three, fourths, a day, and she is very difficult to dry up. She hand milks easily, with great milk flavor.
 ADGA# AA1547697 Two-Tone Chamoisee
Service Sire:
Mariposa Spotlight

American Guernsey

Mariposa Spotlight

GuernseyBuck (male)PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches
BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA# DOB: 3/22/20154 yrs
Spots is a well behaved, gentle boy. He is considered mismarked by the BGS, but meets the breed Standard for ADGA, I will be registering him with them as soon as possible. I will be freshening the two daughters of his, that I had retained, this spring, so far all his daughters have good conformation, I can't wait to see some udders.
 BGS# HB078174D, GGBoA#  PaleGold-RedGold, White Patches

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Not for Sale


Marshmallow is a stunning doe, all around, and has shown very well at our small county fair. My pictures don't do her justice. She gave a gallon+ a day last year as a second freshener, very good flavored milk.


Grand Champion all Breeds(open Class) Jefferson County Fair 2017
Grand Champion Alpine(open class) Jefferson County Fair 2017
Does 3-4yrs(open class) Jefferson County Fair 2017
Grand Champion Alpine, in Milk (open class) Jefferson County Fair 2016
Does 2-3 yrs(open class) Jefferson County Fair 2016
Senior Doe Kid(open class) Jefferson County Fair 2015
Jr Doe Kid(open class) Jefferson County Fair 2014

Updated 10/25/2019


Doe (female)3 yrsRedish Chamoisee
First Freshener (female)1 yrChamoisee, White star, spot by nose
Not for Sale
Kid (female)Under 1 yrChamoisee
Not for Sale