Beautiful Doe

Mischievous Everly

Goat, French Alpine, Doe (female) | Two-Tone Chamoisee

ADGA# A1702611 | DOB: 4/5/2014 (5 yrs)

Fiddler's Ridge Xen Sandstorm *B A1542076
Mischievous Cou Cou Ca Choo A1686121


Everly is an outstanding doe, with beautiful conformation all around, and very wide throughout. She gave a gallon and a fourth a day last year, as a second freshener, and a gallon a day as a first freshener. She was very shy as a younger doe, but has recently become more friendly.

We are offering Everly only because she has begun to bunt my two year old, so she not available to anyone with young children.
Everly is lop sided this year, due to a light case of mastitis last fall.

Updated 10/7/2019


French Alpine
Jr. Doe (female)1 yrBroken Two-Tone Chamoisee
Kid (female)Under 1 yrCou Clair
Not for Sale