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We are so glad you found our page. Feel free to look around, or contact me. I am happy to answer any questions. Thank you for looking, and we hope you enjoy our site.

We love our animals and try our best to raise them as naturally as possible. We do not vaccinate except for tetanus, and only use antibiotics if natural means of treatment fail. Thankfully that is very rare.

For pictures of kids as they arrive, and farm updates. You can visit our Facebook page. Link is on this page.

Out to play 2020
Mischievous Chalk 2015

GoatGoat Hope 4 Gold, Experamental

HI, we are a family owned hobby goat dairy farm, in southeastern Idaho. Our focus is on ADGA registered Alpine, and soon to be ADGA registered Guernsey Goats, ADGA recorded experimental, and we also have a few ADGA recorded grades.

The GoatGoat heard name belongs to our three children.
Cross2Grace is our heard name.
We fell in love with goats in 2012 when we got our first goats, because our son doesn't do well with cows milk. We are thankful for God's help in getting our good foundation stock, and to The Bilbar's Dairy Goats who helped us get started.
We are trying to raise Quality show goats, that milk well, and who's milk tastes great!
Psalm 84: 11, Romans 6:23

If interested in Kids from us please read the info on the store page, and for our 2021 spring breeding chart look under my animals ( if viewing on a mobile device, go to goats and click on the does, and you can see who the doe is due with) . To reserve a kid please email me, with the name of the dam, and the gender kid you are hoping for, I am not currently charging to reserve kids. If you are interested in bucklings for breeding, packing, or pet, you will need to give me advanced notice, as they go to a friend by a week of age, and are usually not listed for sale.

We accept Cash, or Paypal.